30 Day Challenge To Beat Sugar Addiction


Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you the type of person that can’t walk away from a meal without having something sweet to finish it off? You are not alone, it’s addictive and it can be difficult to shake the habit (*).

If you commit to beating a sugar addiction, you will notice an increase in fat loss, you will be in better moods, have greater focus, you will experience fewer cravings and hunger, as well as more stable blood sugar levels therefore more energy without the crashes.

Here, we lay out a 30-day challenge for you to beat your sugar addiction. Like any bad habit, it takes around two weeks for your body to bounce back from cravings and withdrawal.

Don’t worry, I have put together tips for weeks and day by day to support those overall suggestions. I can’t wait for you to experience life without sugar and to see just how amazing you’re going to feel. Let’s go!

Days 1-7 | Increase Fat Intake & Ditch The Sugar

This might sound counterintuitive but stick with me. Your first task is to do a walkthrough of your kitchen and pantry and remove all of the sugary, high-carb foods hiding. The last thing you want is to be surrounded by the sweet temptation of treats when you start to experience sugar cravings. 

This is going to take some work because there’s a good chance you will need to read the nutrition labels of everything in your pantry – if it has more than a couple of grams of sugar, then toss it! Your goal for the next 30 days is to keep your sugar intake below 20 grams daily.

That’s not so bad, I bet you thought it would be 0 grams when you clicked on this title, right? No, the point of this challenge is to limit sugar to avoid blood sugar issues and energy crashes. 

Once you get rid of all that sugary nonsense, it’s time to stock up on the good stuff. Healthy fats and lean protein are what you need (as well as fresh vegetables and fruit). 

Look for wild salmon, olive oil, avocados, raw nuts, leafy green vegetables, dark green vegetables, organic eggs, bacon, lamb, beef, etc.

Day 1 – Spices and Extracts

Today, your challenge is to explore the world of spices and extracts in your cooking. There’s a good chance you’re fully stocked, now is the time to introduce flavors and shake sugar.

Day 2 – Broccoli and Cheese

If you struggle with hunger, then omelets are an excellent experiment, today, I suggest you try a broccoli and cheese omelet. It’s packed with vitamins, fiber, and protein and it’s great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! 

Day 3 – Check Your Beverages

One can of soda has around 10 teaspoons of sugar. A vanilla latte from a coffee chain has around 3 teaspoons of sugar, then people add more. Your challenge is to check your beverages for sugar content and make some changes to ditch the sugar.

Day 4 – Condiment Smart

You might not realize it, but one tablespoon of ketchup contains almost a teaspoon of sugar, and barbecue sauce contains even more. Condiment wise, hot sauce and mustard are better options. Pay attention to your condiments! 

Day 5 – Fruit

I like to call blueberries nature’s gummy bears. Fruit is sweet and delicious so today; I want you to make sure you eat at least two servings of fruit. The combination of fiber, water, and sugar changes how your body absorbs the sugar which helps prevent energy crashes. 

Day 6 – Experiment Cuisine

I encourage you to try a new recipe today, one that is low-carb, low on sugar and calories, but high in nutrition and fiber. Check out a delicious option like Mediterranean Tuna Salad and Egg Plant and Beef Marinara.  

Day 7 – Savory Breakfasts

If there is one meal out of the day, we are guiltiest of reaching for sweets, it’s breakfast. Think about it – you grab a donut, you lather pancakes or waffles with syrup, and you wonder why you’re starving within a couple of hours and having an energy crash. 

Today is your day for a savory breakfast, whether it’s avocado toast, eggs, and fruit, or an omelet. Eat to keep you satisfied and full until lunch. 

Recommended Cookbook: Keto breakfasts are by far the best way to start your day, they delicious and don’t spike your blood sugar and keeps you going for hours till you eat for lunch. 

Day 8 Through 14 – Sugar Craving Hacks

Sugar triggers your brain’s reward pathways and when you stop eating sugar your body experiences withdrawals. You’re going to experience mood swings, headaches, you may have trouble sleeping, brain fog, low energy, and of course, cravings.

You can beat this.

Eating healthy fat helps fight sugar cravings and keeping healthy snacks handy is going to be the biggest key. Raw nuts, dark chocolate, beef jerky, and even popcorn are all great options.

Day 8 – Eat When Hungry

The worst thing you can do is wait until you are starving to eat. Do not do that! That will leave you susceptible to sugar cravings. Keep healthy snacks handy to stave off hunger and avoid cravings. Address your meal times today and plan snacks to help you fight cravings.

Day 9 – Planning

Planning is your new best friend. Yesterday you dealt with meal times and snacks, today is meal prep. You will find avoiding fast food and garbage easier if you plan your meals ahead.

Day 10 – A New Recipe

Today, your challenge is to find a new recipe that is low in sugar and high in flavor.

Day 11 – Plain Yogurt

Pre-sweetened food is a good way to lose track of your sugar intake. Plain yogurt is high in protein and is great for keeping you fuller for longer (*). When you add in a bit of fruit and nuts, you have a delicious dessert on your hands. Today, your challenge is to find a way to enjoy plain yogurt.

Day 12 – Go For A Walk

Today, I want you to take when you start to experience cravings. If you find your mind wandering to your favorite sweet treat, then it’s time to hit the streets for some exercise.

Day 13 – Check Labels

You did it on day one as you checked your kitchen for high-sugar products, well, make sure you continue to do it as you shop for groceries, snacks, etc. Your bread is one of the biggest sugar risks. The average loaf of bread contains as much as three grams of sugar per slice so make sure you are checking the labels. 

Day 14 – Another New Recipe

This is another opportunity to make a delicious, healthy, homemade meal that you have never made before. Branch out and choose an Indian curry or perhaps a Thai stir fry. When you cook at home you use a lot less sugar than is found in the jars you buy at the store. 

Days 15 To 30 – Enjoy Your Sharp Brain & Filter Body

At this point, true withdrawals are over. Any cravings you experience now are down to your mind. For the most part, you won’t crave a cookie, you won’t find yourself desperate for cake or milkshakes. 

So, for the last half of your 30-day challenge, you are going to feel brighter and better. Your mental clarity will have improved, your energy levels will be stable, you’ll be sleeping better, and overall, you’ll feel better. So, now you can work on other areas. 

Day 15 – Fine Tuning

By now, you’ve changed your diet and been living it. What supplements might you need to fill in the gaps?

Day 16 – New Exercises

It’s time to challenge yourself to change your exercise game and try new things.

Day 17 – A New Recipe

Again, I challenge you to try out a new healthy recipe to avoid sugar and increase your intake of healthy fats and nutrients.

Day 18 – Home Dressing

You may be eating more salads because they make a great side dish to a healthy meal for very little calories. Salad dressing, however, is high in sugar. Today, your challenge is to make your own low-sugar salad dressing. Use olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and herbs and spices. Simple and delicious.

Day 19 – Hot Beverages

Tea (or coffee) is sugar-free drinks provided you don’t add anything to them. There are so many different flavors of herbal tea to choose from as well, so you can get a delicious boost throughout the day and even before bed with a caffeine-free herbal option. Find some teas that you enjoy.

Day 20 – Vegetables Snacks

What’s your favorite vegetable snack? Is it broccoli? Celery? Carrot sticks? Prepare handy bags of vegetables for snacks and a low-sugar dip ready to enjoy.

Day 21 – Homemade Hummus

Pick up a jar of chickpeas and get ready to experiment. Whether you enjoy roasted red pepper hummus, cilantro, and lemon, or avocado hummus… this is your chance to make it at home. Chickpeas are great for staying fuller longer and they’re delicious, too. Hummus will make a great dip for the vegetables you prepared yesterday.

Day 22 – Extracts

As you explore new recipes and meals, you will notice a lot of calls for sugar. Instead of using sugar, look for an extract to substitute, like vanilla, orange, lemon, almond, and even honey or agave syrup.

Day 23 – Limit Sweeteners

If part of your journey to beat a sugar addiction is because you want to lose weight, then this is the point in your journey where you should reconsider sweeteners. More specifically, non-nutritive sweeteners. You can learn more about them from the American Heart Association (*).

Day 24 – Learning

You have gone out of your way to reduce your sugar intake, and perhaps we should have tackled this sooner but it can be overwhelming. Today, I want you to learn all the different names for sugar. The hidden ingredient flying under the radar as molasses, high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, and cane sugar, etc. Go learn!

Day 25 – Fennel Seeds

When you feel a craving for something sweet, curb it by chewing fennel seeds.

Day 26 – High Sugar Foods

When you’re dealing with foods you know are high in sugar, just cut the portion down. You can still enjoy high-sugar fruit and your favorite candies and stay under 20 grams of sugar daily. You can still treat yourself. Work out the portion sizes for your favorite high-sugar foods.

Day 27 – A New Recipe

Yes, it’s time for you to explore in the kitchen again!

Day 28 – Bake With Applesauce

You can still enjoy baked goods, just use applesauce instead of sugar. Today, I challenge you to try one of your favorite baked good recipes substituting applesauce for sugar.

Day 29 – Fresh Tomatoes

Are you a big fan of Italian food? Dump store-bought jars and cans of sauce. They are dangerously high in sugar. Instead, chop up fresh tomatoes and make a simple sauce with garlic and herbs.

Day 30 – This is Goodbye

You made it, it’s day 30 of your challenge and look at how far you’ve come! It’s time to celebrate! While your 30 days are up, I encourage you to continue on the path you’ve been walking. 

By this point, you have undeniable proof that a life limiting your sugar intake is one far more enjoyable than what you were doing before this. 

Take today to think about the benefits of the past 30 days and what learning and habits you would like to carry forward.

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