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How To Pull Back The Reins Of Life But Remain In Control

When schedules are filled with work, social engagements, and family commitments, the need to keep up becomes priority number one. Unfortunately, the risk of burn out, both physically and mentally, grows greater by the day. 

A recent study by Forbes magazine stated, “As of 2021, over half (52 percent) of survey respondents are experiencing burnout. Millennials and Gen Z generations are also reporting burn out, 53 percent and 58 percent, respectively.” Collectively, these numbers showed an increase in burnout from 2020.

To take back control, one must see and understand the behavior that has led them onto the endless fast lane of life. 

The following five signs are a signal that your life is too busy and it’s time to pull back the reins but remain in control:

Family Has Moved To The Back Burner

When a busy schedule begins taking over your personal time, this is a sign that your priorities have changed places. Most people agree that family is the reason for their extra hours at work. The thought of losing a home or transportation is always on their mind. Yet, they lose track of why they have family that remains by their side. The pressure of having money outweighs the consequences of their choices at home. 

No one wants to be lonely in a partnership. It is why society has them. Humans were meant to come together and build their own families. Yet, when one person has chosen their job over spending time with each other, the outcome could a negative living environment for everyone. 

Children are especially susceptible to seeing behavioral changes from their parents. Instead of risking their absence, stop what you are doing and go make them smile. Commit to cutting back on your intended days off and focus on loving your family.

Sense Of Purpose Has Become Muddled

We commit to all levels of agreements throughout our lives. Marriage, careers, vacations, etc. Some moments are not as long term but most of them give a sense of purpose of why we have certain beliefs and habits. 

When facing an overtaxed schedule, each purpose becomes less heartening and more unfamiliar each day. The brain is working overtime to compensate for all the extra stimulants and has no time to regulate proper focus and emotions. By re-prioritizing your schedule, your sense of purpose can once again lead you on the right track.

Commit to the most important aspects of your life, not your working life. Make family a priority by shutting off the day when you come home so you can focus solely on them. Take new interest in old hobbies that brings mental stimulation and emotional relief. 

To get better sleep, set a schedule. Use non electronic stimulants to wind down from the day. Tomorrow, you will once again feel your sense of purpose.

Consistently Worrying About Living Up To Others Demands 

Has the word “no” become nonexistent when responding to peer requests? Do you find that it has become a habit and now your schedule is unmanageable? As a society, we want to fit in together and create harmony.

However, when we accept all appeals, this can create anxiety and restlessness. The weight of the commitment becomes overwhelming and unapproachable. In return, the idea of admitting defeat is a crushing mental blow. By using this simple word more often, others around you will respect your boundaries and personal time each time. 

Everyone wants to impress their boss. It is who we rely on for guidance, acceptance, and job security. Yet, no one, especially the boss wants an employee that is sluggish and unfocused from burn out. If you have been asked to complete a project by Monday morning and its Friday afternoon, do not stay at work. 

Instead, ask a few close co-workers over for Saturday brunch and a little collaboration. This takes the pressure off you to commit to this time crunch and adds a bit of company moral. 

You Are “A Million Miles Away” 

This spaced-out look can seem like you are daydreaming. While this is normal on occasion, losing focus on the present moment can be a sign that your schedule is interfering. To balance the next step, it becomes necessary to think ahead all the time. 

While this may seem initiative-taking, it takes away from the stimulants that are around you right now. This can lead to distrust in your agreements and create animosity among peers or family. By remaining focused and open when engaging in a conversation, this shows others that you are trustworthy and committed to the request.

While the smartphone has become an extension of households, its daily use has become more of an addiction then an information device. Communication has gone to the next cyber level. 

Children and adults alike use the internet from six to fourteen hours a day for work and play according to the latest reports. Instead, make a family commitment to put away all devices at a certain time before bed (one to three hours). Use this time to do self-care routines, family games or a craft project. Children and young adults need healthy stimulation beyond the school walls, and so do you. 

Completely Wiped Out

The mind and body are made up of complex emotions and physical limitations. Without proper nutrition and self-care, they both begin to shut down. Exhaustion sets in and frustration becomes the only feeling. 

While it is healthy to consistently learn and experience new stimuli, the body and mind needs rest and hydration to keep moving forward. When the pot has overboiled, it is time to step back and give yourself the time to reset and regain mental balance.

If the aches and pains of a busy schedule has finally pulled your last string, take that as a sign that a day off is needed. Use this time to take a leisurely morning to catch up on a hot breakfast and family time.

Stay focused on the hobbies and necessities that are only important to you, not your boss. Start your day with a hot cup of coffee and a new outlook on your priorities.

In Conclusion

Being busy is a human right. We thrive as communities and countries because we strive to stay active and vigilant. By following these initiative-taking steps, you can pull back the reins of life and find control once again. As American author and speaker Mandy Hale once said, “A person being “too busy” is a myth. People make time for the things are really important to them.”

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