6 Legitimate Supplements For Brain Health


There are few things as unnerving as experiencing the serious memory lapses that come with age. While young people may be forgetful, needing to retrace their steps to job their memory, it’s a different position for those advancing in age. For the latter, it is a possibility or threat of losing their memory forever. It’s only natural to yearn for a supplement that will help to prevent mental decline.

There are a wide variety of supplements on the market that claim to improve the memory, from fish oils, to cocktails of herbs, and more. Many of them have no validity in their clams, however, we can provide you with a few legitimate supplements that can improve your brain health.

Fish Oils

We know that fish has long been touted as a brain food, and the omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial to your brain function. Of course, if you’re a big eater of fatty fishes (like salmon, trout, and anchovies) that you won’t need any supplements.

Early studies indicated that those who consume more fatty fish score better on memory tests. The issue is that the majority of people don’t eat enough fatty fish to make a difference.

According to WebMD, a study showed that taking fish oil supplements doubled the reduction in mistakes on tests measuring memory and learning. However, what fish oil supplements will not do, is slow down the progress of dementia in individuals showing symptoms.


While vitamins play an important role in a variety of health issues, there is only one that plays a part in the prevention of mental decline. Vitamin B12. According to the Mayo Clinic, a vitamin B12 deficiency results in memory loss. This is a particular risk for vegetarians and vegans. Studies also indicate that a lack of vitamin B12 can increase the risk of dementia.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba has become a favorite on the US market for preventing memory loss. It is often used in Europe to treat cerebral insufficiency, which includes depression, anxiety, and confusion. While there have been plenty of studies on the product, the results are inconsistent. According to WebMD, gingko biloba won’t prevent the onset of dementia; however, it can improve the memory of those already suffering from the disease.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is derived from Chinese moss, a supplement that works to boost brain chemicals in the same way prescription drugs do. Researchers are optimistic about its effects on memory for dementia patients.


This has been approved in Europe as a dementia treatment, but in the US, it’s sold as a supplement. It’s the synthetic version of an extract from periwinkle.


‘Di-methyl-amino-ethanol’ is related, chemically, to choline. While studies are scarce, early indications suggest that this may be effective in assisting with memory.


Memory is complex and it can be affected by experience, education, genetics, emotions, and physiological changes. We still do not know what causes memory loss in the aged. If you’re experiencing issues with your memory, you should seek medical advice.

Some types of dementia are reversible, and are related to other health problems. If you find yourself growing forgetful, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re suffering from dementia. It’s natural to lose some memory as you age, however, if it’s become a worry to you- you would be wise to make an appointment with your doctor.

Other ways to keep your brain healthy are through physical exercise, strong social ties, a healthy diet, and exercising your brain with new games every day. You should also get your blood pressure regularly checked. High blood pressure is a serious risk factor for many types of dementia, as is obesity.

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