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You may have tried meditation in the past, but that isn’t necessary to undertake this guided meditation. Ultimately, one of the reasons many people embrace meditation is to improve their ability to live in the moment and remain present. It’s a difficult task to undertake in the chaotic world we live in, which is why we have put together this guided meditation to help you smooth the way. 

I would encourage you to make time for daily meditation, whether it’s a quick five minutes of peace or you have time for a more involved practice. You may find that you reserve long-form meditations for days off or weekends and use quicker ones for your workdays. 

The point is not to stress you out further, but to provide you with peace from the chaotic world and help you ground yourself in the present moment, free from the stress and regrets of the nagging past and worries of the future. 

This is a simple meditation practice and it’s one that anyone can do. It’s an excellent place to start if you don’t have a lot of experience with the practice. The more you complete this guided meditation, the easier you will find it to do. From here, you can explore other guided meditations and stem into more complicated ones if you so desire.

Guided Meditation 

Welcome to this guided meditation on mindfulness and staying present in the moment. Find a comfortable place to relax. It should be quiet, private, and a spot where you can sit, lie, or lounge in a way that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Breathe deeply and center yourself before you embark on this guided meditation journey. 

Are you sitting comfortably? If so, let’s proceed. 

Your breath serves as the anchor to your present. Take a deep breath. Take another. Breathe deeply and steadily. Calm your mind and focus on your breath. Just relax.

If you have chosen to sit in a chair, then ensure the bottom of your feet are flat against the floor. If you are sitting on a cushion or the floor, then cross your legs. 

Shake your arms out as you take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Allow them to fall parallel to your upper body with your hands resting wherever is most comfortable. 

Your spine is naturally curved, let it rest there – straight, but not stiff. Allow your chin to drop slightly as your gaze falls downward. 

Relax your entire body. 

Close your eyes. Shift your attention to the bodily sensations you experience with every inhale of breath through your nose and every exhale through your mouth.

Continue breathing. If you find yourself getting caught up in sounds, thoughts, emotions, or otherwise, just gently redirect your attention back to your breath. 

Notice how your chest expands and your belly rises and falls. If you notice that your mind is wandering away from your breath, simply redirect it gently back. There is no need to eliminate the thought. You need not block it out or judge it or yourself. Just let the thoughts pass over you and return your focus to your body and your breath. 

Be gentle with yourself and continue to focus on the inhale and exhale of your breath. If your mind starts wandering, understand that this is normal. Do not attempt to wrestle those thoughts, don’t try to indulge them. 

Observe those thoughts, do not react, and pull your attention back to your breath. Do not judge yourself. Do not place expectations on yourself. 

Continue to breathe. Feel the sensations in your body. Start at your feet and move slowly up your legs. How do they feel? Relax them if there is any tightness. 

Move up to your upper body. Feel your chest expand as you breathe deeply. Relax and focus on the sensations you are experiencing. 

Continue to breathe deeply. 

Notice the change in your emotions. Notice the feelings of relaxation. There is only the positivity of this moment. You, your breathe and your body. Notice how your thoughts have shifted. Pay attention to how your body feels. Hold onto this moment. This is the moment. Your moment. 

The moment where nothing else exists. The only constant. The present. 

When you are ready to return to your day, open your eyes, and lift your gaze gently.  

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