21 Hearty Nourishing Bowls With No Meat or Dairy

One Bowl Wonders.

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1| Harissa Veggie Bowl – Get this recipe

Roast your favorite veggies such as butternut squash, onions, and peppers with a drizzle of harissa, red wine vinegar, and olive oil. You may never want to eat vegetables any other way.

2| Spring Roll Bowls – Get this recipe

You can add any protein (like tofu, if you’re cutting back on meat), and any of your favorite veggies to this Asian-inspired rice noodle bowl.

3| Enchilada Power Bowls with Spicy Tofu – Get this recipe

These deconstructed enchiladas are made with black beans, green lentils and rice in a creamy chili-cheese sauce.

4| Hawaiian BBQ Bowl – Get this recipe

Tofu gets a delicious upgrade in these Hawaiian-inspired bowls. Top them with anything from cilantro or avocado to coconut flakes and pineapple.

5| Fall Harvest Power Bowl with Maple Tahini Dressing – Get this recipe

Take a trip to your local farmer’s market and stock up on fall’s best produce like Brussels sprouts, acorn squash, kale, and honey crisp apples. Top it all off with a delicious dressing made of tahini, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.

6| Greek Veggie Bowls with Hummus – Get this recipe

You can whip up this colorful veggie bowl in about 10 minutes. It may be simple, but it’s full of flavor.

7| Southwest Quinoa Power Bowl – Get this recipe

This better-for-you version of a burrito starts with a quinoa base. Then, add all your favorite Tex-Mex toppings like black beans, avocado, bell pepper, and sweet potato.

8| Spicy Cauliflower Bowls – Get this recipe

Cauliflower steals the show in this spicy bowl. It gets baked until golden and crispy, then topped with a mix of hot sauce, sriracha, butter, and coconut milk.

9| Zucchini Noodle Breakfast Bowl – Get this recipe

Healthy breakfast pasta really exists. Top these zucchini noodles in avocado cream sauce. If you’re vegan, skip the fried egg.

10| Autumn Quinoa Bowl – Get this recipe

This recipe calls for a mix of roasted squash, crispy Brussels sprouts, steamed kale, and spiced chickpeas, but you can really use whatever veggies you have on hand.

11| Chili Garlic Cauliflower Risotto Bowl – Get this recipe

This creamy cauliflower “risotto” gets its richness from coconut or almond milk. Then, it gets a kick from a spicy sauce made with chili, garlic, and avocado.

12| Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl – Get this recipe

Make a big batch of this peanut sauce made with toasted sesame oil, soy sauce, maple syrup, chili garlic sauce, and chunky peanut butter: You’re going to want to put it on absolutely everything.

13| Quinoa Breakfast Bowls – Get this recipe

Start your day off right with a heaping bowl of quinoa, kale, and blistered tomato. For some extra protein, you can also add your favorite kind of eggs.

14| Beet “Poke” Bowls – Get this recipe

There’s no raw fish in these “poke” bowls. These colorful concoctions are made with brown rice, edamame, ginger-marinated beets, julienned vegetables, and a drool-worthy avocado wasabi cream.

15| Quinoa Power Bowl with Hummus and Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette – Get this recipe

Roasted veggies and warm hummus makes for the perfect, feel-good comfort food on cozy fall days.

16| Green Goddess Nourish Bowl – Get this recipe

If you don’t have time to make the green goddess dressing from scratch, any store-bought version will do the trick. Drizzle it on top of this savory-sweet mixture of spinach, cabbage, figs, and green apple.

17| Sweet Potato, Cranberry, and Quinoa Bowl – Get this recipe

Made with pomegranate quinoa, spiced cranberry sauce, mashed avocado, and sweet potatoes roasted in paprika and cinnamon, it’s basically Thanksgiving dinner in a single bowl.

18| Moroccan Chickpea Bowl – Get this recipe

These spiced chickpeas are sauted with onion, chili powder, cumin, cinnamon, cayenne, and fire roasted tomatoes. They might just be your new favorite salad topper.

19| Sesame Ginger Forbidden Rice Bowl – Get this recipe

Black rice gets topped with shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, cabage, and carrots. Mix up an easy homemade dressing with soy sauce, rice vinegar, tahini, ginger, garlic, and spicy Sriracha to top it all off.

20| Bali Bowl with Tempeh, Peanuts and Tomato Sambal – Get this recipe

Toss Balinese style fried tempeh onto a base of rice, cabbage, carrots, green beans, and basil. If you don’t want to make tomato sambal from scratch, any canned version of Sambal Oelek should do the trick.

21| Easy Vegan Jackfruit Curry With Rice – Get this recipe

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