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1. Yoga Hand Book

This is your complete yoga handbook, learn everything you need to know about beginning your yoga journey. Learn about the history of yoga, benefits of yoga, different schools of yoga, reasons to do yoga, different types of yoga poses with images, and much more.

Download (PDF, 5MB)

2. Yoga Workbook and Planner

Get access to our premium Yoga Workbook and Planner worth $37 absolutely FREE. This is a beautifully designed planner, that you can print and use as a reference for your Yoga journey.

Download (PDF, 42MB High Quality Version For Print Purpose)

Download (PDF, 8MB Minimized File Size For Digital Use Purpose)

3. Yoga Asanas Infographics

100 pages of illustrated yoga asanas, a fun way to learn about yoga poses. (Personal use only, not to be used for any commercial activities)

Download (PDF, 3MBMinimized File Size For Digital Use Purpose)

Download (PDF, 30MBHigh Quality Version For Print Purpose)

4. Energetic Anatomy of Yoga

100 pages of illustrations and infographics shows you the energy structure which gets activate with practicing Yoga. (Value $37)

Download (PDF, 7MB)

5. Immunity Support Cookbook

It’s time you fortify and strengthen your immune health while eating delicious recipes. You’ll find 24 amazing immunity boosting recipes with color recipe photos.

Download (PDF, 7MB)

6. Identify and Break Psychological Blocks To Weight Loss (Workbook)

It’s time to break all your mental blocks and unleash a new version of you.

Download (PDF, 50 pages, 1MB)

7. 14 Day Low Carb Meal Plan

It’s time to lose those extra pounds, balance your blood sugar levels and control your carb cravings. When you download this 14 Day Low Carb Meal Plan, you’ll get 40 delicious low carb recipes for your every meal. A shopping list, recipes with beautiful recipe photos and much more.

Download (PDF, 3MB)

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